3 Most Common Problems Part 3


One of the problems that organizations face surrounds the overburdening of staff. In these cases staff are overburdened and overworked to the point that they are working long hours and getting nowhere. As a result they are often disappointed because when it comes down to it, the results that they were hoping for have not been delivered. As a consequence this dissatisfies the managers and makes them feel like their team is not performing well enough and not satisfying the needs of the customers.  
Why is this a problem? 

This is a big problem for most teams and staff since it is not delivering the results that we want and therefore need to find a way of removing this overburdening of staff by providing focus on what should be worked on.  

Managers can fix this by implementing the following effective capacity planning measures:  



🚀Regular Retrospectives. 

🚀Resource Allocation. 

🚀Training and Skill Development. 

🚀Clear Definition of Done. 

🚀Flexible Work Arrangements. 

🚀Monitoring and Metrics. 

🚀Regular Check-Ins. 


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In a nutshell, empirical process control or empiricism.  

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