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Lean Agile Centre of Excellence.

Elevate your enterprise's agility and drive breakthrough results with Lean Agile Centre of Excellence consulting services for SAFe, where unparalleled expertise meets cutting-edge strategies to transform your organization into a lean, agile powerhouse.

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Lean Agile Centre of Excellence Overview

The guiding coalition

To change the ways of working in an organisation requires support and nurture. The Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence, LACE, provides this enablement for the organisation through:


  • Support the value streams with their coaching needs span
  • Support the Agile Release Train launches
  • Facilitate the establishment of communities of practice
  • Capture and share stories 
  • Communicate the reason for the change
  • Communicate the roadmap for change


Our SAFe® Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence Services


  • Establish the LACE
  • Establish the communication team
  • Build governance in the ARTs
  • Coach the coaches
  • Support ART launches
  • Facilitate PI planning
  • Facilitate, Inspect and Adapt workshop
  • Coach the system team
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LACE Consulting elements

Lean Agile Centre of Excellence (LACE)

A snapshot of the key elements of Lean Agile Centre of Excellence consulting services.

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Priority 1

Communication of the transformation and sharing the stories.

Priority 4

Support the launch of new Agile Release Trains.
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Priority 2

Establish the metrics and how to carry out the measurements consistently.

Priority 5

Establish and nurture communities of practice, CoP and coach the coaches.

Priority 3

Identify the LACE training needs and facilitate the training (individuals and teams).

Priority 6

Grow organizational capabilities to facilitate exit of coaches and consultants.
Colin Wilson

Value Glide drove a huge proportion of our transformation through coaching and mentoring whilst being hands-on for delivery. Without their significant contribution, some of the rest of the team would never have got it or been successful.

N Champion

An inspiring course that took a subject that I thought I knew and added many more levels of understanding and gave me a complete toolset that I can now employ in my work. I was very enthusiastic about Kanban and Value Glide before, but now I will be positively evangelised.

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