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Value Glide offers a range of business agility training to enable organisations to accelerate their agility journey. Our agility training is designed to support teams, managers and leaders and ensures they have a sure start.


We work in partnership with you to achieve the business outcomes that you want by evolving your ways of working and deliver the results.

Our Services

Scaled Agile Framework

Implementation Support

  • Agile Release Train (ART) Design and Launch
  • Agile Release Train Vision and Launch Planning
  • SAFe Lean Portfolio Management
  • PI Planning Facilitation
  • Inspect & Adapt Facilitation
  • Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence (LACE) Formation and Execution
  • SAFe Implementation Design


Certified SAFe Training

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Kanban Method

Accelerator Services

  • Map your flow, identify the sources of delay and their impact
  • Model the process flow as a kanban system 
  • Define the flow measure and manage the flow 
  • Visualise and manage your portfolio as a kanban system 
  • Visualize and build the hierarchical kanban systems to manage the flow from Portfolio, Coordination (team of teams) and Team level


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Accelerator Services

  • Visualize the delivery pipeline  
  • Self assess your current delivery capability
  • Identify the new working practices to achieve automatic deployment and build the release on-demand capability
  • Embed the identified working practices in your organization


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SAFe® Accelerator Services

Value Stream Workshop

During this one-day workshop, you will learn how to identify your organization’s value streams and then explore and test different potential Agile Release Train (ART) designs that are optimized for the flow of value.

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Inspect and Adapt Workshop

Develop a skillset that’s in demand worldwide and empower enterprises to succeed in a disruptive marketplace by becoming a SAFe® 5 Agilist (SA).

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SAFe® ART Quickstart

Value stream system boundary is where the work starts and finishes. Think of a service that you deliver, and your value stream should start from the customer request to service fulfillment.

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Lean-Agile Center of Excellence Workshop

An effective Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) is a critical success factor differentiatingorganizations fully committed to adopting Lean-Agile practices and achieving significantbusiness results from those practicing Agile in name only.

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SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management

SAFe® helps align portfolio execution to the enterprise strategy, by organizing Agile development around the flow of value through one or more value streams. It enables business agility by applying the principles and practices of Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

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Achieving Business Agility with SAFe® 5.0

The SAFe 5.0 white paper provides an overview of the Framework, the Big Picture graphic, the seven core competencies, and the values, mindset, principles, and practices that guide teams to more effectively build solutions in a far leaner—and more Agile—fashion.

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Drive Real Results with Business Agility

Business Agility is the ability to compete and thrive in the digital age by quickly responding to market changes and emerging opportunities with innovative business solutions.

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Making the Case for Business Agility

Business Agility requires that everyone involved in delivering solutions—business and technology leaders, development, IT operations, legal, marketing, finance, support, compliance, security, and others—use Lean and Agile practices to continually deliver innovative, high-quality products and services faster than the competition.

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