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With teams who empathise with the customer needs and are aligned to serve the customer and rapid learning.
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Create innovative solutions

Identifying customer needs forming a hypothesis and testing the hypothesis through minimum viable products with rapid customer feedback.
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Value stream aligned teams built on technical excellence, ensuring built-in quality to enable frequent and reliable delivery.
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Scrum Consulting

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What our clients say


Value Glide drove a huge proportion of our transformation through coaching and mentoring whilst being hands-on for delivery. Without their significant contribution, some of the rest of the team would never have got it or been successful.

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Colin Wilson

An inspiring course that took a subject that I thought I knew and added many more levels of understanding and gave me a complete toolset that I can now employ in my work. I was very enthusiastic about Kanban and Value Glide before, but now I will be positively evangelised. 

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N Champion

I gained these valuable insights from my Leading SAFe course. Scaled Agile Framework is a large framework explained systematically with good examples with plenty of interactive lessons. 

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J Leonard


One of the unique aspects of the SAFe framework

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The Scaled Agile Framework

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3 things we need to run a powerful VSM workshop - Thing 2

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Enterprise solution delivery: Core competency of SAFe

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3 things we need to run a powerful VSM workshop. Thing 1

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Time to market reduced from  299 days down to 81

Increased releases from 1 to 2 releases per year to 5 to 6 major releases in a year with several minor releases

Improved collaboration across the organisation and within the team

Improved quality  from 68% defects to below 10%
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Time to market reduced by an average of 52%

Injected defects down to zero from  20 in the previous ten releases

Staff motivation from low morale and high stress to high morale and low stress

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Time to market went from 6 months to 3.5 months

Predictability of 85%

Engaged employees who worked on identifying and removing the sources of delay
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Mobile messaging

Time to market reduced by 30%

Eliminated post-release hotfixes

Reduced code complexity

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Online gaming
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