Digital Transformation

  Guided by the customer  

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Customer-centric digital transformation is key to thriving in the digital age.

Thriving in the Digital Age is not about technology. It is about People

  • Who build Innovative Solutions by identifying customer needs forming a hypothesis and testing the hypothesis through minimum viable products with rapid customer feedback.
  • Work in value stream aligned teams built on technical excellence, ensuring built-in quality to enable frequent and reliable delivery.
  • Who understand the customer needs. Working in happy teams, and frequently delivering high-quality solutions that the customers desire.
  • Who practice new routines and modern ways of working that create better outcomes. 


As a Gold SPCT Scaled Agile partner, Value Glide is your perfect guide to implementing Scaled Agile Framework®, SAFe® and adopting modern working methods.

We have trained over 2000 people and launched over 50 agile release trains, and provide:

  • Transformation coaching
  • Lean Portfolio Management coaching 
  • Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence, LACE coaching
  • Training
  • Agile Product Management
  • Customer centricity and design thinking
  • Value stream coaching
  • Agile Release Train Coaching
  • Iteration Coaching
  • SAFe Quickstart ART Launch
  • Facilitate PI planning
  • Facilitate Inspect & Adapt workshop
  • Product Envisioning
  • Story Writing
  • Story Mapping


Client results

Time to market reduced from  299 days down to 81

Increased releases from 1 to 2 releases per year to 5 to 6 major releases in a year with several minor releases

Improved collaboration across the organisation and within the team

Improved quality  from 68% defects to below 10%
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Time to market reduced by an average of 52%

Injected defects down to zero from  20 in the previous ten releases

Staff motivation from low morale and high stress to high morale and low stress

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Time to market went from 6 months to 3.5 months

Predictability of 85%

Engaged employees who worked on identifying and removing the sources of delay
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Mobile messaging

Time to market reduced by 30%

Eliminated post-release hotfixes

Reduced code complexity

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Online gaming

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