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Registered Product Owner course.

Accelerate your journey to product leadership excellence with's Registered Product Owner course, equipping you with the essential skills to drive innovation, prioritize features, and maximize value delivery in today's dynamic business landscape.

Scrum Inc International Certification.

Course Overview - Registered Product Owner.

Elevate your role as a product leader with Scrum Inc's Registered Product Owner course. Designed for aspiring product owners, this certification provides the essential skills and knowledge needed to drive product innovation, prioritize features, and maximize value delivery. Through interactive workshops and real-world case studies, participants will learn how to effectively collaborate with stakeholders, refine product backlogs, and align product development efforts with business objectives.


By becoming a Registered Product Owner, individuals not only enhance their career prospects but also play a pivotal role in shaping the success and competitiveness of their organizations. Join us and unlock the keys to becoming a visionary product owner, driving transformative results and customer satisfaction in today's fast-paced business landscape.

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Important Course Details


There are no prerequisites for the Registered Product Owner course:

  • Suitable for absolute beginners.
  • Suitable for project managers wanting to learn Scrum.
  • Suitable for novice Product Owners seeking to acquire professional skills.

What's included

  • Course materials
  • Remote learning via Live, Virtual Classrooms.
  • Access to content, tools, and resources you need to practice Scrum.
  • Registered Product Owner certification exam
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SAFe workshop

Value Glide Training

SAFe workshop

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SAFe workshop

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