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Value Glide Agile Coaching propels your organization forward, harnessing the power of agility to unlock innovation, accelerate product delivery, and drive unparalleled business success in complex, volatile marketplaces.

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Value Glide Agile Coaching Services

Cocreating solutions that matter.

At Value Glide, our Agile coaching services are not just about applying principles; they're about transforming your organizational ecosystem into a dynamic, responsive, and innovative powerhouse.


Our team of proven, battle-tested Agile coaches brings to the table a wealth of experience drawn from a myriad of industries and challenges, ensuring that your journey towards agility is guided by hands that have not only charted similar paths but have also led teams through the thick of change with remarkable success. We don't just talk about theory; we implement actionable, tested strategies that have consistently delivered measurable outcomes, fostering environments where creativity and productivity flourish.


Our approach is bespoke, recognizing that each organization's path to agility is unique. We pride ourselves on not just being consultants, but partners in your journey, working closely with your teams to identify bottlenecks, streamline processes, and embed an Agile mindset into the fabric of your operations.


With Value Glide, you're not just adopting Agile practices; you're investing in a proven pathway to enhancing efficiency, improving product delivery, and achieving a competitive edge in your industry. Let us help you transform your challenges into opportunities, ensuring your team not only adapts to change but thrives in it.

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Value Glide Agile Coaching Services

Reasons why people hire Agile coaches.

These are the 6 primary reasons why our clients engage our Agile coaches. Connect with us if you have unique challenges that need a collaborative, cocreative approach to solve.

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Unlocking Team Potential

Agile coaches catalyze organizational growth by unlocking team potential, fostering innovation, and driving high performance through improved collaboration and communication skills.
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Cultivating Continuous Improvement

Agile coaches instill a culture of continuous improvement, empowering teams to regularly reflect, learn, and evolve their practices, which leads to sustained growth and competitiveness.
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Navigating Change with Agility

By embedding agility into the DNA of your organization, agile coaches ensure your team not only survives but thrives in rapidly changing markets, adapting swiftly to emerging challenges and opportunities.
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Facilitating Effective Communication

Through skilled facilitation and coaching, agile coaches break down silos and improve cross-functional collaboration, ensuring clear communication and alignment across all levels of the organization.
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Enhancing Product Delivery

Agile coaching accelerates product delivery by streamlining processes, removing bottlenecks, and implementing efficient workflows, thereby increasing speed to market and customer satisfaction.
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Maximizing Value and ROI

By focusing on delivering customer value and prioritizing work effectively, agile coaches help organizations maximize their return on investment and achieve their strategic goals more efficiently.

Agnostic Agile Coaching

Sure, we have favourites, especially when it comes to scaling Agile but our Agile coaches aren't one trick ponies. We've got deep expertise in several Agile frameworks and methods.

Colin Wilson

Value Glide drove a huge proportion of our transformation through coaching and mentoring whilst being hands-on for delivery. Without their significant contribution, some of the rest of the team would never have got it or been successful.

N Champion

An inspiring course that took a subject that I thought I knew and added many more levels of understanding and gave me a complete toolset that I can now employ in my work. I was very enthusiastic about Kanban and Value Glide before, but now I will be positively evangelised.

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