Value Stream Mapping Workshop

Identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and problem areas in your value stream. Reduce time to market by as much as 50%.




Enable Rapid Decisions.

VSM Workshops
% Time Reduction
Minimum People



A relentless pursuit of value delivery.


There's always a gap between how things work and how we think they work. The Value Stream Mapping Workshop makes those gaps visible and empowers leaders and teams to make decisions that unlock valuable, continuous delivery throughout the value stream. Decisions that eliminate bottlenecks, unnecessary committees, and inefficiencies in the value stream. A 2-day workshop that facilitates rapid, effective decision-making that impacts the entire value stream.

Value Stream Mapping Workshop


Value Stream Mapping Workshop at a glance

How it works, who is needed, and what outcomes you can expect.


Critical People

We need critical leaders and people who work at the coalface of the value stream. Ideally, 12 or more people are critical to the value stream.

1-2 Day workshop

To map out the customer journey and the value stream.

Identify Bottlenecks

We identify and map areas in the value stream that impede progress and prevent continuous value delivery to customers.

Resolve the problems

Because leaders and teams are in the room, we can quickly decide what needs to be changed and why it matters.

Activate Gains

Teams can demonstrate improved value delivery from the redesigned system with the removed bottleneck.

Empower the ART

Identify what needs doing, from training to coaching, and empower the agile release train to move forward with purpose and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Guaranteed Deliverables to Your Company

Value Glide ensures valuable, measurable outcomes at the end of your Quickstart ART Launch.


Visualised Flow

Visualised the key steps to show how the customer is served, from customer demand to fulfilled demand.

Identify Bottlenecks

Identified the sources of delay and their impact on the end-to-end value flow.


Redesigned flow to address the bottlenecks and a kanban system in place to continually act on sources of delay and relentlessly improve value delivery.

Value Streat Mapping Team

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Nader Talai

Nader Talai

CEO / Principal Consultant

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Reshma Murali

Chief Education Officer

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Mika Peck

Mika Peck

Business Development

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Vishakha Singh

Customer Success Officer

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Value Stream Mapping Workshop