Who we are

Value Glide is the business agility specialist consultancy focused on helping organisations create better outcomes for the customer, staff, organisation and society. We have a proven track record in enabling organisations to effectively deliver valuable services with higher quality and reduced time to go live with predictability and reliability.

Our systematic and highly disciplined approach is underpinned by lean and agile principles and involves working in partnership with you to

  • Understand your vision and desired outcomes
  • Measure your current capabilities in meeting market and operational demands 
  • Visualise the end to end value stream
  • Define the actions and evolve towards the desired outcomes
  • Build self sufficiency

What we do

Agility Transformation

Organisational Agility

Digital Services

Development & Delivery

Service Assessment

When can we deliver?

we enable you to create better outcomes
we are business agility specialists
with a proven track record

Our customers say ...

I will now rollout the Kanban principles across the organisation.” 

“Can this improve our current process – the answer is yes!”

“Excellent workshop, interactive and hands-on.”

I had the pleasure of working with Nader at Sportingbet where he was instrumental in moving the company's development process to a leaner, more agile practice. Daniel Worthington-Bodart

Value Glide's Approach StuDE



Visualise how you work now, measure current capabilities.



The desired outcomes, capabilities and define the first step.



Execute, study, learn and evolve towards the desired outcomes.