SAFe Quickstart ART Launch

Reduce time to market, product costs, and overburdening of teams. Increase product quality and customer satisfaction, and achieve alignment on customer and organizational objectives. Launch your Agile Release Train in 20 weeks.




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A singular focus on launching an Agile Release Train (ART).


From concept to customer delivery within 20 weeks. Our team teach, coach, and guide your team through the adoption of SAFe and help the team form into a competent, creative, and collaborative Agile Release Train capable of continuously delivering value to your customers in alignment with organisational objectives & goals.



SAFe Quickstart ART Launch at a glance

What you need to prepare, learn, launch and achieve.


Problem Statement

Define the problem you want to solve with this ART.

Define Goals

Define the benefits you want to achieve with this ART.

Design Measures

Define the measures that inform what success looks like.

Guide the ART

Define the customer problem and product vision with the benefit and feature hypothesis.

ART Development

Train the Agile Release Train to grow knowledge and capabilities.

Empower the ART

Launch and coach the ART through the first Program Increment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Guaranteed Deliverables to Your Company

Value Glide ensures valuable, measurable outcomes at the end of your Quickstart ART Launch.


Organizing around value delivery

Value Stream and Agile Release identification workshop to learn how to design your Agile Release Train and teams to minimise handoffs and delays.

Customer Focus

Build solutions that meet customer needs. Continuous exploration to research, identify and validate customer needs and define the product vision, roadmap and features.

Program Increment Planning

Facilitate the PI planning event and Inspect and Adapt and problem-solving workshop.

Leading SAFe workshops

Leading SAFe 2-day workshop for ART leadership team and business owners.

Product Owner/Product Manager workshops

SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager 2-day workshop.

SAFe Scrum Master workshops

SAFe for Scrum Masters 2-day workshop. Attendees Scrum Masters.

SAFe for Teams workshops

SAFe for Teams 2-day workshop. Attendees ART team members.


Calendar of iteration and Agile Release Train events, their purpose, and attendees. 

Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting

Coach the ART teams through the PI execution and guide business owners, product owners, product management, scrum masters and leadership team.

Quickstart ART Launch Team

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Nader Talai

Nader Talai

CEO / Principal Consultant

email: ntalai@valueglide.com

phone: +44 20 8145 5000

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Reshma Murali

Chief Education Officer

email: rmurali@valueglide.com

phone: +44 20 8145 5000

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Mika Peck

Mika Peck

Business Development

email: mpeck@valueglide.com

phone: +44 20 8145 5000

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Vishakha Singh

Customer Success Officer

email: vsingh@valueglide.com

phone: +44 20 8145 5000

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