Bjarte Bogsnes : Beyond Budgeting: Business agility in practice

In this session, I will cover the problems with traditional management, including budgeting.

  • The Beyond Budgeting principles and companies on the journey
  • Equinor’s “Ambition to Action” model
    • Redefining performance dynamic and relative with a holistic performance evaluation
    • Dynamic forecasting and...
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Adaptive leadership and the Scaled Agile Framework by Steve Mayner

Organizations in every industry across the globe are intensely focused on increasing agility,adaptability, and innovation. The operating environment for incumbent market leaders is more turbulent than at any time in recent history. Emerging technologies, disruptive start-ups, globalization, social...

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Leadership-John Coleman: How to avoid agility being a team sport

“Let’s explore the unintended consequences of expecting teams to be agile when we haven’t cultivated the right environment. Instead of buying “agility in a box,” what can we do to foster the growth of authentic, sustainable organizational agility?

Part of the answer might be in improving executive...

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Leadership-Peter Weingärtner: Alignment - SAFe with Atlassian Tools

Agile Leadership is based on values.  Transparency throughout all levels is crucial to get everyone aligned with your strategies and allow for constant feedback and learning.  Atlassian Jira is a great tool to support agile teams but has its limitations in scaling.

Get to know two very different...

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Leadership-Marcus Dimbleby: Thinking differently - the essential capability of true leaders.

We hide behind comforting lies in so many aspects of our lives, fearful of facing the hard truths, not even trusting ourselves to do so, let alone others. Many businesses die because of self-inflicted wounds, lying to themselves for so long that it becomes their reality. To survive, leaders need to...

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Leadership-Clarke Ching: Cash Cows make the Best Burgers

Profit is, for businesses, like oxygen is for humans – we need it to exit, but it’s not the reason you exist. In this talk, Clarke will show you three ways tech leaders can make more money for their businesses by thinking.

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Business Agility: The importance of the dual operating system.

Welcome to the faster economy fueled by software and an interconnected world where organisations that have mastered software delivery at scale will thrive.

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