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Our public courses are designed for individuals who want to upskill and stand out in the market.

Our private courses are designed for organisations who want to adopt modern ways of working.

All of our training courses are delivered by skilled professionals with many years of practical experience.

Not sure which course to choose, our team of training advisers is happy to help you.

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Scaled Agile Framework

Scaled Agile Framework®, SAFe® is the leading scaling framework...
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Kanban method evolutionary approach to change…
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What our learners say

Two thumbs up!

After attending the Leading SAFe 5.1 course with Harry and Ryan, I feel well-equipped to take the certification exam. They were able to simplify complex topics and made it all very interactive in a virtual environment. Kudos to Harry and Ryan!

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Candice Wharton

Thorough and well-guided training

Thorough and well-guided training
- From someone who knew nothing about SAFe to feeling well-prepared for the exam after the training. The training is intensive, thorough and the instructor's personal experience and examples were a good supplement to the learning material.

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Tulika Ganoo

Good Learning Experience

The instructor was knowledgeable; he answered all of our questions with practical examples. The course was helpful with well-structured content. I recommend Value Glide; they have a professional attitude, and their expertise is valuable.

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Cristian Făgărăşan

SAFe POPM with Melissa White

I had a great experience during my SAFe POPM class with Melissa White. This class was my introduction to SAFe and I left wanting to sign up for more courses. Melissa’s understanding of the concepts and interactive activities made this virtual class so fun and rewarding. I left feeling prepared to take this knowledge back to my own team. Anyone seeking to learn about SAFe or strengthen their knowledge should take a course led by Melissa, she won’t disappoint!

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Alex Bradshaw

I'd do it again!

I've just finished my first course on SAFe, namely SAFe Advanced Scrum Master. I wasn't really sure what to expect, just guessing after having a look at the study material that there will be a lot! And there was ... the course has a lot to cover, for someone without SAFe experience, it seems very much overwhelming, and that's why I was really pleasantly surprised how well we sailored through with Nader, our instructor. It is not an easy topic, there is a lot to digest, many things are hard to imagine without the going through them, but Nader has tons of hands on experience and everything was nicely explained with real examples and also us, having to do some practical examples in the class. All the study material, appointments and the whole organisation of the event was really well prepared. I would definitely go back, if needed more education in this area!

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Lucie Smith

Munish was an excellent coach

Munish was an excellent coach and gave clear and understandable explanations of not only what should be done but also the context of why it should be done. There were lots of discussion and Munish made the course very interactive.
Thank You Munish

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Lindsey Sauerlander

Help me choose the right training.