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TKP Certification

.Getting the work organized; Improving visibility, communication and collaboration
Learn core concepts of the Kanban Method. Team members will learn how to be effective within a Kanban team.


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Customer Testimonials

I received a lot of essential and critically important information for a better understanding of the Product Owner and the Product Manager roles in SAFe and Scrum. The course includes a theory part and practice time. It allows checking your experience in order to improve your skills in problem-solving. The trainer has established himself as a highly qualified specialist with extensive experience in SAFe and Scrum.

Yana Kalinina

Best 2 days investment as Product Owner! Our mentor helped us to organize our existing understanding of SAFe and at the same time add more value by providing various practical best practices that work in other organizations. Each team discussion after each session also helps digest the lesson. Highly recommend this course and instructor to any aspiring Product Owner to help them execute SAFe practically and efficiently.

Hisham Mohamad

I'm very glad that my tutor was Ashutosh. He explained all techniques and methods in detail. He also answered all my questions and clarified all the hard points for me. I take a lot of insights from this course on how I can improve my work right now. I had trouble with story slicing and estimation of work for iterations. Ashutosh gave me good advice for it.

Roman Bazhora

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Online training delivered in multiple timezones: UK, EU, India, Australia, USA

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Kanban Practitioner Certification


What you will learn


    • Understand core concepts of the Kanban Method.
    • Learn the 3 Change Management Principles and the 6 General Practices of The Kanban Method.
    • Experience the benefit of WIP limits to improve flow.
    • How to run the Kanban meetings to focus on the work and allow the team to organize around it
    • How to proceed to the next level with Kanban.

What's included

  • Course materials
  • Remote learning 
  • After support via dedicated slack channel


  • All experience levels are welcome. No previous Kanban training or experience is required.


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