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A leading provider of sports betting, casinos, games and poker on line and on mobile with presence in over 26 countries and distributed team.


" I had the pleasure of working with Nader at Sportingbet where he was instrumental in moving the company's development process to a leaner, more agile practice. 
Nader was a great head of development as he was not only passionate about improving the organisation but was extremely approachable and honest. I had many frank discussions with Nader and even if we sometimes had different points of view we always came to the best solution. 
Nader supported me and my team on a daily basis, listened to our feedback and enabled us to constantly improve our process and gave us the air cover we needed to do our job. Nader would be an asset to any company that wishes to improve it's development processes and I would not hesitate to work for Nader again. "
 Daniel Worthington-Bodart 
 Independent Consultant 



Engagement Drivers

After rapid growth and a number of acquisitions Sportingbet was seeing the impact of rapid growth on their ability to launch new products with quality.

Services Delivered

  • Capability assessment
  • Introduction and embedding of scrum and extreme programming
  • Coaching of team and other key stakeholders
  • Transparency and visibility of the product development
  • Reliable and predictable delivery


Software Development management and leadership to improve the product delivery and embedding of agility within Sportingbet.

  • Focused on understanding and visualising the end to end process flow
  • Increasing feedback loops 
  • Work towards Minimum Viable Product – acknowledge the need for market validation
  • Evolved to value stream based teams BA, PM, PO, UAT, SMEs working as one team
  • Journey of outcome focused improvements


  • Reduced time to go live by 30%
  • Increased visibility and transparency of software development
  • Eliminated post release hot fixes
  • Reduced code complexity
  • Established key supplier relationship