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SMSI Scrum Master

Implement Scrum in a way that drives immediate business results and will ensure that Scrum has a lasting transformative impact on the world

SMSI Scrum Master


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Learning Goals

#goodScrum assures you learn:

  • Essence of the framework (WHY and WHAT)
  • The lean foundation
  • Scrum patterns from the pattern community
  • Impact from Outcomes over Output
  • Basics of no-nonsense de-scaling and scaling of business agility
  • what you can expect from the 2020 Scrum Guide update

Who should take a Scrum Master by Scrum Inc. course?

✔ Professionals in any industry wanting to become Scrum Masters or servant-leaders to their team.

✔ Job seekers wishing to work for an agile organization.

✔ Professionals interested in being “agile.”

✔ Traditional Project Managers looking to transform their careers.

✔ SAFe Practitioners wanting to learn Scrum and explore Scrum@Scale.

✔ Product Managers, PMPs, PMI-ACP Team Leaders or professionals wishing to begin their journey toward becoming a Scrum Inc. Scrum Master or a Scrum@Scale Practitioner.

✔ Managers and leaders wanting to understand the patterns of high-performing teams and how true Scrum delivers twice the value at half the cost.

What you get?

Recognize your knowledge of proven principles and practices for delivering twice the value at half the cost.

The only Scrum Master and Product Owner credentials signed and endorsed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum and inventor of Scrum@Scale.

Course will be held in English and German language.

The sessions are highly interactive using zoom breakouts with new features, miro canvas with exciting distributed games and visual bikablo facilitation techniques you will learn on the fly. As part of the training you will enter an engaged community of learners that stay in touch and help each other.