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we enable you to meet your customer needs in half the time. 

Your Objective and Key Results

Facilitated Objectives and Key Results, setting workshops to align strategic goals and brainstorm how to achieve the objectives and put the key results.
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Establish Lean Portfolio Management

Co-create the lean portfolio management function, create your portfolio kanban and the lean operations.
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Establish Agile Product Management

We will help you discover customer needs, form benefit hypotheses and validate these through rapid prototyping and adapting based on the learning and building products that meet customer needs.
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Value Stream Management

Identify your value streams and value stream management teams to identify the bottlenecks and relentlessly improve value flow.
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Lean Agile Centre of Excellence

Working with you, we will establish your Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence to support and nurture the modern ways of working in your organisation.
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SAFe Quickstart ART Launch

Our SAFe Quickstart ART launch lays the foundations of ongoing success through just-in-time training, advisory and coaching.
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Agile Teams

Working embedded with your teams and improving technical agility and co-creating the environment for agility to thrive.
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Public and corporate training classes

We deliver certified Scrum, Kanban, DevOps and Scaled Agile Framework training courses as well as bespoke training modules. 

Corporate Training

We would love to come to your organisation and deliver courses.
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Scaled Agile Framework®, SAFe® courses

Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe, is the leading business agility framework helping organizations achieve business results and deliver innovative solutions with engaged staff.
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DevOps courses

Our DevOps Institute courses upskill the people who make IT happen.
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Scrum Alliance courses

Our scrum alliances training will enable you to adapt to the changing environment quickly and learn faster.
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Kanban courses

Learn how to evolve your current business towards greater success through our pragmatic approaches to training, coaching, and consulting.
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