Why do Organisations Invest in a Value Stream Mapping workshop?

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The purpose of a Value Stream Mapping (VSM) Workshop is to identify and map each step, from the moment of demand for a product or service, all the way to the delivery of that product or service. So what we are ultimately trying to do is identify delays between these steps, dependencies that create problems, as well as delays and hand-offs that may prove problematic. 

So why do organisations invest so much into the Value Stream Mapping Workshop? 

One of the reasons why organisations invest so much into the VSM Workshop is because there is a desire to improve the system. But to improve a system, you need to have data and insight in order to make sure that your investing is leading you to the right benefits. 


And without a Value Stream Mapping Workshop, you are ultimately using judgement and opinion rather than actual concrete data or evidence. The likelihood of your investments leading you to the right results in this case, is very slim. 


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At Value Glide, through the application of  SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), we are able to offer agile consulting, agile coaching, and agile training specialists who work with organisations to align business objectives with customer needs and wants.

As deeply experienced agile coaches and practitioners, our team is invested in continuous learning through each client engagement and uses the data and evidence we gather from each implementation to inform our training, coaching, and consulting services.

In a nutshell, empirical process control or empiricism. 

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