Who is the Most Inspiring Agile Leader for You?

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Nader Talai

Answering who is the most inspiring Agile leader for me is a difficult question because I would say it is a combination of people. So when individuals are pushing their own methods and framework regardless of what else there is in the market, that is a turn off for me. And so when I do look for what I consider ‘great Agile leadership’ then I would look for areas where we can learn from each other and put it into the toolkit and use it.  

In my experience thus far working in SAFe and being exposed to various Agile ways of working, I have come across both great leaders and really bad ones.  

So if you’d have to ask me, what I find the most inspiring among Agile leaders, I’d say great Agile leaders are people who:  

🚀 Facilitate self-organisation. 

🚀 Leads with transparency.  

🚀 Encourage cross-functional collaboration.


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In a nutshell, empirical process control or empiricism.

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