How Confident are You that Value Glide Can Help Grow Agile Capabilities within an Organisation and Why?

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In my opinion, confidence does not come with arrogance or naivety, confidence comes with experience. And in my case, I believe this is exactly where my confidence in the efficiency of Value Guide comes from. The confidence I have in Value Guide is supported by the number of organisations we have helped in arriving at Agile Solutions and delivering value to their customers.  

Let me explain.  

What Are Agile Capabilities?  

Agile Capability refers to the associated working of agile experts to bring agile transformations. The difference between Agile Capacity and an Agile Feature is therefore that the former needs more than one Agile Train to coordinate and complete the work before handing it to the customer. While in the latter, one work item is delivered to the customer via a single-release train. 

Typically, Agile Capabilities are items that exist on a large solution level, spanning over multiple ARTs in a Scaled Agile Framework. The solution manager first creates these, and as they are too big to deliver in one go, they are classified into small parts called features. Everyone from the Product and Solution Manager, to the engineers and architects divides a capability into different parts.  

Value Glide Can Help You Grow  

So let’s say for example that you are looking at a five-person team, and there are some problems within that team. With the help of Value Guide, we can assist your team with some coping mechanisms that could make the overburdening of the system a little bit simpler; think of it like giving paracetamol for a headache. This does not mean that improvements will be immediate, and initially the overall end-to-end flow within the organisation may not change. But once we have a more holistic view and look at the end-to-end flow across the Value Stream, then the impact will become a lot higher.   

Another way I like to look at this, is to view it like a door - if you open the door by the handle, it typically requires a little bit of effort, but if you try to open the same door from the hinge, then you have to put in a lot more effort. So when you are looking at a team, that’s what you are doing, because if you look at the Value Stream, as a whole portfolio, then a little bit of effort will have a lot of impact.  


So, at Value Guide what we like to do is break up improvements into small Increments instead of addressing everything all at once. And we do this through the implementation of the Agile Release Train (ART).  

With the help of the Agile Release Train, organisations can: 

🚀 Align and manage risks at the Program Level. 

🚀 Prepare for PI Planning.


Interested in learning more about the key roles of a Scrum Master in SAFe?

At Value Glidethrough the application of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), we are able to offer agile consulting, agile coaching, and agile training specialists who work with organisations to align business objectives with customer needs and wants.

As deeply experienced agile coaches and practitioners, our team is invested in continuous learning through our training, coaching, and consulting services.

In a nutshell, empirical process control or empiricism.

If you are thinking of adopting agile within your organisation and have identified SAFe as a great agile framework to adopt, implement and improve your business agility, visit our SAFe Quickstart ART Launch program page or view our SAFe Consulting Services page.

If you have identified a need for an agile coach and SAFe coach to help your organisation adopt and implement SAFe, visit our SAFe Coaching Services page. We are committed to equipping organisations with the tools and knowledge to thrive in this ever-changing digital age, and achieve business agility through the Scaled Agile Framework.

Sounds good to you? Then sign-up today, and learn more about this transformation and revolutionary framework that is changing the game in the world of Agile. It is truly remarkable what can be done when we put our heads together and decide to work as one.

If you want to know more about SAFe and how to lead SAFe, visit our SAFE Training page for a host of options, from Leading SAFe to a SAFe Release Train Engineer course.

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