Quickstart ART Launch Process (7)

Lean Portfolio Management

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Delivering what matters.

Align the strategy with delivery

Define the strategy as Strategic Themes or Objectives and key results (OKRs) to make the organisation's strategic aims clear. Define the initiatives that you believe will lead to the objectives. 

Benefits of lean portfolio management

  • Initiatives aligned with strategy
  • Initiatives are defined as a hypothesis, and the minimum viable product defined for each hypothesis to ensure faster learning and adaptation
  • Match demand with capacity
  • Value stream funding
  • Balanced funding to ensure future growth as well as current need
  • Embedded business owners 

Establish Lean Portfolio Management

  • Establish the lean portfolio management team
  • Define the strategic themes or objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • Build the portfolio vision
  • Design the portfolio kanban 
  • Define the initiatives that we believe will deliver the portfolio vision
  • Establish lean portfolio governance and agile portfolio operations
  • Lean Portfolio Management training
  • OKR workshop
  • Facilitate participatory budgeting
  • Schedule and facilitate the portfolio events

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