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John Coleman_2

John Coleman

Agility Transformability Guy

Nader Talai

Nader Talai

Business Agility Consultant

Alicia Parker

Alicia Parkes

Organisational Agility Practitioner

Siamak Shams

Siamak Shams PhD

Organisational Agility Practititioner

Robert Moores

Robert Moores

Programme Manager & Chair - PMI UK Agile CoP


Business Agility 

Value Stream Mapping  By Nader Talai Digital Service Delivery By Nader Talai


Agile Organisation  

Introduction To Product Planning - PMI Version By: Alicia Parkes &  Siamak Shams PhD Introduction To Product Planning By: Alicia Parkes &  Siamak Shams PhD


White Papers

Agile Implementations  Large-Scale Rollout By: Robert Moores  


Purposeful Change: Organisational transformation for business agility

Lean Kanban France     2015 By: Nader Talai &  John Coleman Agile In The City    By: Nader Talai & John Coleman                                            


Agile Organisation

Intro To Toyota Kata  Continual Improvement By: Nader Talai Managing Flow By: Nader Talai                                          


Does Size Matter? By: Nader Talai                                          

Download Size Cycle Time Correlation

Story cycle time and size




Lean Kanban UK Conference 2013
Agile Adoption at BUPA
Justin Askew I Capability Delivery Manager