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Helping Enterprises use Mobile to Transform their Business Enterprises

About OpenMarket

Choose OpenMarket as their mobile partner for a number of reasons: our domain expertise, service flexibility, demonstrated network performance and reliability, global scale and corporate maturity. 

OpenMarket provides a secure and reliable platform with a service commitment to back it up.

Our market experience and trusted relationships with mobile operators across the globe enable faster time to market, and ongoing delivery and support for your mobile initiatives.



Engagement Drivers

OpenMarket needed to improve the project delivery predictability and improve the service it delivered. Value Glide was engaged to deliver training and coaching to improve predictability and reliability of service delivery.

Services Delivered

  • Capability assessment
  • Lean Kanban training
  • Coaching of team and other key stakeholders
  • Transparency and visibility of the product development
  • Reliable and predictable delivery


Engaged with the solution delivery teams and walked through the approach and the advantages of moving to lean kanban pull based system.

  • Focused on understanding and visualising the end to end process flow
  • Focused on reducing time to feedback and increasing feedback loops 
  • Focused on how to manage external dependencies and improve predictability
  • Journey of outcome focused improvements


  • Improved predictability
  • Visualised end to end value stream 
  • Improved reliability