Quickstart ART Launch Process (3)

Lean Agile Centre of Excellence LACE

Do You Want To Accelerate Your Digital Transformation?

The guiding coalition

To change the ways of working in an organisation requires support and nurture. The Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence, LACE, provides this enablement for the organisation through:

  • Support the value streams with their coaching needs span
  • Support the Agile Release Train launches
  • Facilitate the establishment of communities of practice
  • Capture and share stories 
  • Communicate the reason for the change
  • Communicate the roadmap for change

Our SAFe® Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence Services

  • Establish the LACE
  • Establish the communication team
  • Build governance in the ARTs
  • Coach the coaches
  • Support ART launches
  • Facilitate PI planning
  • Facilitate, Inspect and Adapt workshop
  • Coach the system team


I want to establish our LACE