Krishnakumar Chinnappachari

Lean Agility Consultant, Coach & Trainer 


Krishna is an expert in working with the leadership, key stakeholders, portfolio and program teams to implement focused and aligned improvements in people, process and technology to drive cultural change and enable enterprise agility.


Scrum, Kanban, XP, DevOps, SAFe, Spotify, Nexus


“Krishna brings his years of wisdom and calmness of experience when he provides advice on career challenges. I highly appreciate the different perspectives he provided to achieve my career goal while acknowledging the current obstacles. I highly recommend him as a True Agile Champion, Trustworthy Mentor and a Life Coach"

- Sri Goduru


"Krishna is an advanced agile evangelist and I had a chance to work with him during ANZ agile transformation. During this journey, I have witnessed Krishna as one of the best agile transformation leaders cum Coach I have interacted and worked with. Krishna has deep agile wisdom covering both Scrum and SAFe frameworks. While coaching, training, mentoring and consulting, Krishna comes up with very good practical examples and scenarios rather than pure theoretical talks. Krishna has got excellent analytical skills and an eye and ear to details."

- Harish HR


Agile Superpower

Ability to grasp the context quickly, influence and bring in transformational changes in the Organization or people (both leadership and team level) to scale up towards agility. 

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Industry Experience

Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, Travel Technology, Manufacturing, Consumer Goods

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