Why Kanban?

Kanban is a method that enables you to transform your organisation through purposeful and insightful evolutionary change. Kanban method is designed for managing and improving knowledge and creative work.

When we work with physical goods, it is easy to see how work is flowing and where work is waiting for service this is not possible in knowledge work.  Kanban method uses visual tokens to represent work items and creates a virtual kanban system which makes the invisible work visible.

Kanban method uses work in progress as an enabling constraint to create a pull system of work and enables better management of the work with improved service delivery.

Kanban's service delivery lens helps you improve your service delivery and evolve scrum.


Value Glide provides the following Kanban method training accredited by the Lean Kanban university.



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 Certified Kanban Training Courses

Kanban Team Foundation

Kanban Team Foundations is a one day comprehensive introduction to Kanban method covering what is Kanban method, where it can be applied and what it can achieve for teams who are starting their Kanban journey or who want to know more about Kanban method before they start.

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Kanban System Design

The Kanban system design workshop is aimed at anyone in development/delivery of products or services where faster time to market and effective ways of working that ensure reliable and predictable service delivery with quality are key differentiators.

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Kanban Management Professional

Kanban Management Professional is a 2-day interactive workshop that covers how to roll out Lean Kanban in your organisation through understanding Kanban method’s approach to change. This course guides you through the Lean Kanban cadences, service delivery measures and how to continually evolve your kanban system to significantly improve your service delivery.

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