Kanban Training

Upskill with Kanban training and open career advancement opportunities. 

Team Kanban Practitioner

Learn how to get the work organized; Improve visibility, communication and collaboration
Learn core concepts of the Kanban Method. Team members will learn how to be effective within a Kanban team. 

Kanban System design

Learn what the core Kanban practices are and how they enable you to design and evolve a Kanban system.

Design a Kanban system ( or improve an existing system ) for optimal flow and faster delivery.
Learn the fundamentals of the Kanban Method. Experience Kanban with a simulation game and hands-on exercises to design a Kanban system.

Kanban Systems Improvement

Kanban Systems Improvement is a 2-day interactive workshop that covers how to roll out Kanban in your organisation through understanding the Kanban method’s approach to change.

Kanban Management Professional

This course combines Kanban System Design and Kanban Systems Improvement in a four-day class.

In the course, you will be involved in regular hands-on exercises and discussions that will focus on the daily operation of a Kanban system and how to extend the kanban system boundary and include multiple value streams.