Kanban System Design

The Kanban Systems Design [KMP1] lays the foundations of the Lean Kanban method teaching you the principles, practices and processes.

Kanban System Design Summary

This 2-day Foundations-level Kanban training class, certified by Lean Kanban University, is for managers, developers, and anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of the Kanban Method. The class includes the use of a Kanban simulation as well as exercises to design an actual Kanban system.

Participants will learn how to design a Kanban system and initiate change with Kanban. They will learn the basic concepts of flow, pull, and collaborative improvement.

The class curriculum is based on the work of David J. Anderson, pioneer of the Kanban Method, and author of the definitive book, Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business.

Certified Kanban System Design Training by Value Glide
Kanban System Design - KMP1
24-25 June
London UK
Learning Goals
You will learn techniques to help you create better reliability and predictability and also be able to:

  • Take an active role in your team’s adoption of Kanban
  • Explain the day-to-day operation and maintenance of kanban systems
  • Explain the key concepts of a kanban system
  • Effectively communicate and take an active role in resolving issues affecting flow of work
  • Explain the service delivery measures, why we have them, what are they, and how they help you improve your kanban system
  • Explain your team’s service delivery capability (sources & types of demand, failure & value demand, completion time and rate for each demand type & source)
Topics Covered

The content of this course covers the following topics, presented in the form of interactive exercises organized in small groups, plus games, classroom teaching and discussion.

  • Controlling Work in Progress (from push to pull)
  • Visualising how the work flows (mapping your workflow)
  • Measuring and managing flow (control charts, flow diagrams)
  • Making policies explicit 
  • Classes of Service
  • Managing change and collaborative improvement
What Attendees Get
  • A physical copy of the definitive short guide to the method, Essential Kanban Condensed by David J. Anderson and Huge.IO’s Andy Carmichael.
  • A digital copy of the book Kanban by David J. Anderson.
  • A digital copy of the slides and references.
  • Certificate of Completion of Lean Kanban University Certified Kanban Training, digital format.
  • Membership in Lean Kanban University and a listing in the LKU Alumni Directory.

Who will benefit?


This course is suitable for professionals across all industries who want to improve service delivery and deliver more often with higher quality. It is relevant to everyone involved in services delivery and management, including:

  • Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Product Designers
  • Software Product Developers
  • Delivery team members (Test specialist, Business Analysts, Administrators)

Moving from Scrum to Kanban

In this case report, Josh Haagsma will outline the key reasons global digital products company Tigerspike decided to make the change from Scrum to Kanban mid-flight, what the client reaction was, major lessons learnt and of course whether or not it was a good move overall.



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What our customers are saying
An inspiring course that took a subject that I thought I knew and added many more levels of understanding, and gave me a complete toolset that I can now employ in my work. I was very enthusiastic about Kanban and Value Glide before, but now I will be positively evangelised. —N Champion, UKCloud. ValueGlide_transparaent.png
Best place to open mind to evolutionary change — N Anand. Whitebox Business Solutions Value Glide Ltd
Your Trainer

Nader Talai is Business Agility Consultant at Value Glide, where he helps our clients to accelerate their business agility transformations.

Nader started his agile journey in 2002 with extreme programming he continues to practice and learn more about lean and agile methods and other related topics. 

Nader is an Accredited Kanban Trainer from the Lean Kanban University.

Nader Talai


Participants will receive a KMP1 certificate of course completion from Lean Kanban University (LKU) as well as membership of LKU.

KMP qualification
This course satisfies one requirement toward the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) designation.  The KMP Foundations II: Kanban Management Professional class will complete the KMP status requirement.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Kanban Management Professional (KMP), we offer a combined 4-day course that covers both the KMP1 & KMP2 syllabus. Click here for more information.



Attendees are expected to have read the Kanban book by David J Anderson or Kanban from the Inside by Mike Burrows.

The Kanban ebook will be provided upon registration. Prior attendance at a Team Kanban Practitioner 1-day course is recommended but not required.

Previous Course Attendee - Oliver Layfield

Become a Kanban Management Professional - Oliver Layfield, Director of CIBC World Markets

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