Kanban In- House Courses

Slider_2We would love to come to you organisation and deliver a Kanban course. All our courses offered by Value Glide are available in-house (at your company). It´s a great chance to get colleagues together at the same time. We try to adapt this type of training as much as we can for the organisations needs so the outcome will benefit you and your organisation.


  • Preliminary interview with the trainer for a good fit
  • The trainer customizes the program to your organisation/line of business
  • Possibility to contribute specific questions and cases from your own organisation
  • The content of the training can be applied to your own work situation immediately
  • Training together means sharing knowledge for your employees
  • Good price
  • No extra travel time

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Our clients typically achieve

Shortened time to market by 30% to 75%

Reduced failure demand by 40% to 80%

Increased delivery rate by 20% to 50%