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Is your organisation's delivery of the work like a black box?

The need for visibility

The work and how it is flowing through the organisation is invisible. The status reports are Green and then suddenly turn Red. The due date performance is more luck than predictable. You spend most of your time managing stakeholders to reset expectations.

The need for value stream based structure

Our functional organisational structure causes misaligned priorities and goals. The work requests flow between these functions and waits for service, Meanwhile we start more work that also waits for service, the team members are overburdened, stressed and have low morale because they can't finish work in a timely fashion that they know is possible, they end up cutting corners and are unhappy about continually delivering sub-standard work.

Why this situation is unsustainable

Lack of visibility of what work is already in progress, compounded by the work breakdown into our functional silos and our desire to optimise for utilisation all lead to a large number of in-flight initiatives.

In short, we are starting more work and finishing less.

Our customers wait longer and longer our staff are overburdened.

Portfolio Kanban

Visualised Portfolio

Organisational agility requires the coordination and the delivery of the work to be aligned with the strategy.

Portfolio Kanban provides the organisation with a holistic view of the portfolio of initiatives and how they are aligned with the strategy as well as their progress.

Kanban systems are pull-based systems of work meaning that the amount of work that is started is limited by the organisation's ability to complete them.

Pull-based systems are designed to optimise for the time to market and reduce overburdening increase the pride of workmanship leading to happier staff and customers.


Value Streams

We need to build our agility centric organisation that is equipped to navigate uncertainty, test its hypothesis and learn faster with minimal investment.


Value streams enable us to build the structure that is optimised for time to market by minimising dependencies and hand-offs.

Value Streams

Achieve flexible, reliable and predictable delivery

Visualised Work
See how the “work works”. See where the breaks within the flow occur and learn how to act on them.


Identify the different types of work and understand the failure demand and learn how to act to eliminate failure demand.


Identify the sources of delay and dissatisfaction and learn how to remove them.


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Managed Flow
Learn how to address the sources of failure demand,
sources of delay, sources of dissatisfaction and how to manage the work and substantially reduce your time to market.

 Kanban enables you to visualise and manage the work to achieve flexible, reliable and predictable delivery.

Make the invisible work visible and deliver predictably.

Why Value Glide?

Value Glide is one of the most trusted Business Agility Specialist companies with a proven track record of enabling our clients to grow.


As a specialist training, coaching and consulting company dedicated to accelerating your Business Agility through the application of Lean and Agile principles and practices we have enabled organisations to evolve their ways of working and achieve their objectives.


Our clients typically achieve

  • Shortened time to market by 30% to 75%
  • Reduced failure demand by 40% to 80%
  • Increased delivery rate by 20% to 50%


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