Joseph Vergara

Agility Consultant, Change Agent, and Servant Leader


Joe is an expert at empowering people, evolving processes, and enhancing technology solutions in aims to produce more value more quickly in service of our customers.


Training from Back of the Room Trainer

Scaled Agile Framework Consultant and Trainer

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Jira, Confluence


During social distancing, Joe revamped our approach to Agile training, creating a virtual training program that kept all participants engaged and motivated.  It was the best virtual training experience I’ve seen."

- Chris Favret


1. Knowledgeable on subject and expertise (10/10)
2. Content level of material (10/10)
3. Delivery style, both presentation & Tools (10/10)
4. Engagement with the entire class (10/10)


- Tim McCanelley

Agile Superpower

Eagerness to try new things and learn from them

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