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ICAgile Fundamentals

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ICAgile Fundamentals

Agile Fundamentals emphasizes starting with an Agile mindset, not a single methodology or framework.

ICAgile - Agile Fundamentals covers the history of the agile, agile manifesto, principles and practices at a brief. It also covers Scrum, Kanban and agile estimation and planning at brief


ICAgile Fundamentals Contents

Below are the topics we will cover

     1.1. History  
          1.1.1. Origins of Agile
          1.1.2. Agile Manifesto
          1.1.3. Agile Beyond Software Development
     1.2. Culture & Mindset
          1.2.1. Understanding the Agile Mindset
          1.2.2. Establishing the Agile Mindset
          1.2.3. Agile in Context
     2.1. Creating Shared Understanding
          2.1.1. Developing Soft Skills
          2.1.2. Understanding Communication Barriers
          2.1.3. Sharing Knowledge
          2.1.4.  Physical Work Environments
          2.1.5. Collaboration Techniques
          2.1.6. Techniques for Shared Understanding
     2.2. Shifts in Roles
          2.2.1. Shifts in Roles

     3.1.  Incremental Development
          3.1.1. Incremental Development
          3.1.2. Value-Based Work
          3.1.3. Retaining Quality
     3.2.  Work-In-Progress (WIP)
          3.2.1. Work-in-Progress (WIP)
          3.2.2. Continuous Integration
          3.2.3. Cost & Benefit of Frequent Delivery
     4.1.  Including Customers and Users
          4.1.1. Defining the Customer
          4.1.2. User Involvement
          4.1.3. User Feedback
     5.1.  Planning and Adapting
          5.1.1. Planning
          5.1.2. Estimation
          5.1.3. Status
     5.2.  Process & Project Adaptation
          5.2.1. Process Adaptation
          5.2.2. Product Adaptation

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Who will benefit?

ICAgile class
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Test Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Chief Product Owners
  • Chief Scrum Master
  • Operations Manager
  • CIO and CTOs
  • PMO and
  • Anyone who wish to know how to improve speed, value, quality and adaptability of your team
What our customers are saying
Scaled Agile Framework is a large framework which is explained in a systematic way with good examples with plenty of interactive lessons. —J Leonard, Oracle. ValueGlide_transparaent.png
I gained these valuable insights from the course Variability is critical and must be embedded and maintained as long as possible, viable. There is a lot to process. If your organisation is considering an Agile at Scale, I recommend you take this course to get a high-level overview of SAFe. - T Maddick Value Glide