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Lay the foundations of ongoing success

SAFe® Quickstart ART Launch

SAFe® Quickstart ART launch engagement model.

Our SAFe® Quickstart ART launch enables you to start to reap the benefits of SAFe® within 20 weeks and builds the foundations for ongoing success. Together we will

  • Define your business agility goals and how this Agile Release Train, ART
  • Define the benefits you want to achieve with this ART
  • Define the measures that will inform you
  • Define the product vision and features
  • Train the ART
  • Launch and coach the ART through the first PI



  • Leading SAFe 2-day workshop. Attendees ART leadership team and business owners
  • SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager 2-day workshop. Attendees Product Owners and Product Manager(s)
  • SAFe for Scrum Masters 2-day workshop. Attendees Scrum Masters
  • SAFe for Teams 2-days workshop. Attendees ART team members
  • Value stream and Agile Release Train Identification workshop
  • Product vision
  • Product features
  • Calendar of iteration and Agile Release Train events and attendees
  • Facilitated PI planning, Inspect and Adapt workshop
  • Guide the teams, product owners and scrum master through the iteration events
  • Coach the ART through the PI execution and provide guidance to business owners, product owners, product management, scrum masters and leadership team


  • Value stream aligned ART with trained leadership, Scrum Master, Product Owner and team members in how to perform their role in a SAFe environment.
  • Delivered PI objectives


Your Team

The dedicated ART leadership team

A dedicated product owner and scrum master for each team

Dedicated team members

Product manager

Release Train Engineer

Business owners


Our Team

Two SAFe Program Consultants 

SAFe Program Consultant Trainer 

Optionally we can provide interim Release Train Engineer (RTE), Product Manager, Product Owners and Scrum Master. 

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