How we work

Our systematic and highly disciplined approach to business agility transformation accelerates your agile adoption and enables you to achieve your agility goals and business outcomes. Our approach incorporates the application of lean and agile principles and enables you to shorten your delivery time, continually validate and improve what you do and how you do it and build self-sufficiency.


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Embedded Working

We work with you and deliver as well as improve your system of work. This approach has proven to be the most effective way of ensuring long-lasting benefits to our clients.

Additionally, we will work closely with the leadership team in the uncovering of the changes required to your ways of working, behaviours and explicit policies to achieve the outcomes.

Do you want to

  • Build your faster economy capabilities
  • Learn faster and navigate uncertainty
  • Build a fit for purpose and resilient organisation

Why Value Glide?

We are the agility specialists. We promise commercially relevant expertise delivered by experienced practitioners who will help your organisation be fitter for the faster economy and achieve the business outcomes that achieve your objectives by making the way you deliver a little better every day. Our engagements have the right blend of consultancy, training and coaching tailored to your specific situation and needs, 

You want better agility, we'd love to help you achieve it, faster.

The impact of our engagements

  • Reduced Time to Market by 30% to 75%
  • Reduced Failure Demand by 40% to 80%
  • Increased Delivery Rate by 20% to 50%

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Who we work with?

We have helped large and small organisations in private and public sector to reduce their time to market using lean and agile methods and our integrative approach to suit the exact client needs. We help clients accelerate their agility and grow.