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Is your system limiting your performance?

The faster economy is creating more demand. Are you struggling to keep up with the pace of demand?  Despite securing funding and setting up more teams to start more projects you are not delivering any faster. Your digital transformation is capable of delivering some  changes quickly but any change of substance is slow. Your organisational functional silos are not helping you deliver faster and keep pace.

You want to deliver better, faster and cheaper but how do you start? 


We are living in a different era

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In the last 16 years 52% of the fortune 500 companies have disappeard. 

The average corporate life expectancy is around 15 years, compared to 75 years in 1955 

We want a personalised on demand service that is available everywhere and on any channel of our choosing, the faster economy is here and the organisations who embrace faster learning will build their agility capabilities with resilience and will be fit to navigate the faster economy and the uncertainty that it entails.  


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Organisations need to tackle these challenges related to market, technology and staff

  • Attracting new talent
  • Up skilling staff
  • Reduced budgets
  • Security, keeping access, data and transactions secure
  • Bring Your Own Devices
  • Innovation
  • Digital Transformation

These challenges are made harder when the organisation's delivery capability is unpredictable, it takes a long time, increasing costs with unhappy and over burdened staff.


Is the way your organisation delivers a black box?



The work and how it is flowing through the organisation is invisible. The status reports are Green and then suddenly turn Red. The due date performance is more luck than predictable. You spend most of your time managing stakeholders to reset expectations.

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Our functional organisational structure causes misaligned priorities and goals. Work flows between these functions and waits for service, Meanwhile we start more work that also waits for service, the team members are overburdened, stressed and have low morale because they can't finish work in a timely fashion that they know is possible, they end up cutting corners and are unhappy about continually delivering sub-standard work.

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Too Long

Lack of visibility, organisational silos and sub-standard work all adds up to us starting more work and finishing less with increasing delays in getting the work out followed by increased failure demand when we deliver the service.

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Better System, Better Results


We help you create a better system of work and give you the transparency and visibility you need.


Make Invisible Visible

In knowledge work organisations, the work is not visible and we need to make the work and how the work flows through our system of work visible. This visibility allows us to manage the work make the wait times and hand off visible and tackle the sources of delay and hand offs and improve our ways of working.


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Value Stream

We need to understand the value flow in order to articulate the problem that needs addressing and measure the flow of work items across the value stream. The value stream visualisation also reveals who we need working within the value stream and is a valuable tool in defining our organisational structure. 

We need to build our agility centric organisation that is equipped to navigate uncertainty, test its hypothesis and learn faster with minimal investment.


Time to Market

To accelerate the time to market, visualise the value flow, measure the lead time, delivery rate, ageing and failure demand for the work items across the value stream. Tackle the sources of delay and accelerate time to market. Moving from an inside out, we know what the customer wants to an outside way of working. We have to learn faster from the customer behaviour and the market and build better services that delight our customers. We can achieve this in an agility centric organisation where we move from persuing certainty to navigating uncertainty through probes, hypothesis and experimentation. To achieve the goal of organisational agility we need to build a learning organisation that will learn faster and achieve faster delivery with reduced time to market and lower investment.

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Better Agility with Value Glide



Why Value Glide?

We are the agility specialists. We promise commercially relevant expertise delivered by experienced practitioners who will help your organisation be fitter for the faster economy and achieve the business outcomes that achieve your objectives by making the way you deliver a little better everyday. Our engagements have the right blend of consultancy, training and coaching tailored to your specific situation and needs, 

You want better agility, we'd love to help you achieve it, faster. 

The impact of our engagements

The impact of Value Glide engagements


Who we work with?

We have helped large and small organisations in private and public sector to reduce their time to market using lean and agile methods and our integrative approach to suit the exact client needs. We help clients accelerate their agility and grow.


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Value Glide drove a huge proportion of the coaching and mentoring, whilst being hands on for delivery as well. - Without this significant contribution, some of the rest of the team would never have got it - or been successful.

Colin Wilson Bupa

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I had the pleasure of working with Nader at Sportingbet where he was instrumental in moving the company's development process to a leaner, more agile practice.

Daniel Worthington-Bodart

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