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Lean Portfolio Management

Whether it's to assess, set up, or accelerate.

Our Lean Portfolio experts will accelerate how you serve your customers and achieve the value stream KPIs.

Objectives and Key Results

Facilitated Objectives and Key Results, setting workshops to align strategic goals and value stream leadership on achieving the objectives and achieving the key results.

Agile Product Management

A benefit hypothesis created with Value Glide, Product Management experts, is proven to test product-market fit sooner and increase revenue.

Lean Agile Centre of Excellence - LACE

Transforming ways of working in an organisation requires support and nurture. 

Our Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence, LACE, expert coaches provide this enablement for your organisation.

Value Stream Coach

These coaches will accelerate value flow. Working with the value stream leadership team, they will enable an uninterrupted flow of valuable solutions to customers.

Launch an Agile Release Train (ART)

Agile Release Trains created by Value Glide expert is proven to align business and customer needs and accelerate solution delivery.

Our SAFe Quickstart ART launch lays the foundations of ongoing success through just-in-time training, advisory and coaching.

Organise for Value Delivery

From idea to customer solutions, identify how the value flows and organise your teams of agile teams around customer needs and solution delivery.

Agile Coaching that Grows Agile Capabilities

Teams coached by expert coaches are effective and set and achieve goals.

Grow your teams' capability: Working embedded with your teams, improving skills, and co-creating the environment for agility to thrive. 

Certify in Lean-Agile

Gain the knowledge you need to be a more effective member. Enrol in our internationally recognised and certified courses in SAFe, Kanban, Scrum and DevOps.

Develop internal Agile Coaching capabilities

Achieve self-sufficiency through internationally certified, respected Agile team coaching and team facilitation courses with deliberate practice guided by our experts.

Scrum Master/ Team Coach

Looking for a coach to guide your scrum masters and grow their skills and knowledge? 

Release Train Engineers, RTE

Looking for experts to show you how this role is performed and guide you in selecting and growing your RTEs?

Product Vision

Looking for a guide to help you craft a customer-driven forward-looking product vision aligned with your strategic themes and enable product strategy?

Product Roadmap

Looking for a coach to help guide your product roadmap and communicate your product vision?

Story Mapping Workshop

Learn how to use story mapping to map the customer journey and tasks to fulfil customer needs. 

Corporate Training

Training designed to match your organisational context and needs.

Corporate training courses are available in-house (at your company) or as a private class, and it's a great chance to get colleagues together simultaneously. 


People like you have accelerated their lean-agile journey after hiring Value Glide experts.



Reduced time to market from 229 days down to 91 days

Increased the number of releases from 1-2 per year to 5-6 per year


Quality- reduced escaped defects from 68% to below 10%


Reduced time to market from 6 months to 3 months

Achieved 85% predictability on due dates

Engaged employees who continually worked on identifying the sources of delay and eliminating them


Reduced time to go live by 30%

Reduced code complexity

Eliminated post release hot-fixes


Work item completion time reduced by 60%

Development cost reduced by 50%

Eliminated escaped defects from 20 in past ten releases 

SAI_Partner_Badge_Gold SPCT

Value Glide is proud to be a Gold partner with Scaled Agile, the exclusive certifying body for Scaled Agile Framework. Most trusted system for business agility!

Work with a team of experts with deep experience and capability in Agile and SAFe. We know how to succeed with Agile and have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve valuable, tangible business outcomes via Agile and SAFe.


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