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Upcoming Events 


Nader Talai and Lokesh Kataria will be attending the conference, come and have a chat with them! 25 - 28 June in Frankfurt, Germany. 
We are the proud sponsors of Agile Business Conference 26 & 27 September visit us at our stand and find out how we can accelerate you agility transformation.
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We offer a range of organisational agility training to enable organisations to accelerate their agility journey. Our agility training is designed to support teams, managers and leaders and ensures they have a sure start. Among others we offer Kanban, SAFe®Scrum and much more.

Past Events 



MeetUp: May 25, 2017  

Mapping your work as a Kanban System

Knowledge and creative work are invisible which make managing it even harder.

In this workshop, we walk through how to map your work as a kanban system.

We will cover Mapping the major knowledge discovery steps as a kanban Visualising the flow as a virtual Kanban system Limiting work in progress Key Basic Delivery Measures. 
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MeetUp: March 30, 2017

Actionable Insight using JIRA with Python and Data analysis tool 

How to get actionable insight based on the work of Daniel Vacanti and using the probabilistic forecasting approaches of Troy Magennis, Larry Maccheronne from JIRA.

In this session, we will walk through the high-level details of what you need to get Python, JIRA, Data analysis and get actionable insight.

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XPDay London

First day started with a kick-off session to get to know each other and build an initial programme. The main Open Space session started on Tuesday 27th and the day finished with our regular eXtreme Tuesday Club. Read more.



Agile Business Conference

The Agile Business Conference is an annual event that explores the benefits and challenges of Agile adoption throughout organisations in Public, Private and Not-for-Profit sectors. Read more.