Continuous deployment, release on demand, but how?
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The need for DevOps

Change vs Run 

Run Mandate: to operate and maintain the current capabilities.

Change Mandate: to grow the organisational capabilities.


Slow to release

Operating the change and run as separate functions leads to long release times. 

Big batch size

Long release time means that it is not economically efficient to aim to release quickly due to high transaction cost. 


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The question you are asking, "How do we change and run?"

DevOps Home Dark

Development and Operations, DevOps requires leadership, updated engineering practices, and evolving architecture and immediacy of feedback.


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Key factors that enable DevOps


Leading the change in the organisation's ways of working and the changes that are required to its engineering practices, architecture and lean product development and the key foundational step.


Monolithic architectures make it very difficult for teams to deploy changes independently. Loosely coupled architectures, micro-services and containers enable faster and independent releases.

Fast feedback

We need to have near-immediate feedback on any changes we make both functionally and non-functionally this is only possible through automation of functional tests, static code analysis that is built in the continuous integration and automated deployments and verification tests.

Development teams to deploy their code and fix any issues with the deployment.



DevOps yin and yang

Benefits of embedding DevOps in your ways of working

DevOps enable the organisation to improve their ways of working and their engineering practices to enable to continuously deploy software predictably and reliably.





Typical benefits of DevOps:

  • 46 times more frequent code deployments
  • 440 times faster lead time from commit to deploy
  • 96 times faster mean time to recover from downtime
  • 5 times lower change failure rate



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Why Value Glide

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  • Reduced failure demand by 40% to 80%
  • Increased delivery rate by 20% to 50%


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