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Corporate training services

we enable you to meet your customer needs in half the time.

Lean-Agile ways of working are crucial to growth and success. Value Glide’s training empowers your teams to become effective and efficient in Lean-Agile ways of working. 


Public and corporate training classes

We deliver Scrum, Kanban, DevOps and Scaled Agile Framework training courses as well as bespoke training modules. 


We would love to come to your organisation and deliver training. Our corporate training courses are available in-house (at your company) or as a private class, and it's a great chance to get colleagues together simultaneously. We try to adapt this type of training as much as we can to your organisation's context so the outcome will benefit you and your organisation.


  • Preliminary conversation with the trainer to understand your goals.
  • Identify and customise the program for your organisation.
  • Identify specific scenarios related to your context.
  • Make the training content more relevant to your context using stories from your organisation.
  • Training together increases shared knowledge's overall impact and sustainability and accelerates your implementation.
  • A reasonable price increases the return on your investment.
  • No extra travel time.


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