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A leading global healthcare group that provides an extensive array of personal and company health services and runs care homes, health centres, dental centres and hospitals internationally.


" Value Glide, drove a huge proportion of the coaching and mentoring, whilst being hands on for delivery as well. - Without their significant contribution some of the rest of the team would never have got it - or been successful. "



Engagement Drivers

Bupa acknowledged that their traditional approach to product delivery needed improvement and chose to move to agile software delivery using scrum with a waterfall governance.  Value Glide was engaged to help with agile delivery and embedding of agility within the organisation.

Services Delivered

  • Iteration management
  • Coaching of team and other key stakeholders
  • Adoption of extreme programming practices
  • Transparency and visibility of the product development
  • Reliable and predictable delivery


Value Glide provided Business Agility Coach to improve the product delivery and embedding of agility within Bupa.

  • Focused on understanding and visualising the end to end process flow
  • Focused on reducing feedback loops 
  • Work towards Minimum Viable Product – acknowledge the need for market validation
  • Evolved to value stream based teams BA, PM, PO, UAT, SMEs working as one team
  • Journey of outcome focused improvements


  • Reduced the time to go live from  299 days down to 81
  • From 1 to 2 releases per year to 5 to 6 major releases with a number of minor releases 
  • Improved collaboration across the organisation and within the team
  • Failure demand of 68% to below 10%