Which activity happens in the Inspect and Adapt workshop?

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Pick one of 4 options:

A) A retrospective of the iteration
B) Planning the next PI
C) A demo of the integrated system
D) Refreshing the Program Backlog

Scroll to the bottom to find out! But first, learn more below...


Inspect and Adapt

In SAFe, the Inspect and Adapt (I&A) Workshop is a regularly scheduled event that is held at the end of each Program Increment (PI). The purpose of the I&A Workshop is to review the progress made during the PI, identify any improvements that can be made to the process, and make adjustments as needed to ensure that the organization is able to continue delivering value to the customer on a regular basis.

During the I&A Workshop, participants review the work that was completed during the PI, as well as the progress made toward the overall goals and objectives of the organization. This includes reviewing the progress made by the Agile Teams, as well as the progress of the larger program or portfolio.

As part of the review process, participants also assess the effectiveness of the practices and processes that were used during the PI and identify any areas where improvements can be made. This may involve evaluating the use of Scrum, Lean, and other Agile practices, as well as the effectiveness of the technical infrastructure and tools that were used.

Once the review is complete, participants work together to identify any improvements that can be made to the process. This may involve making adjustments to the way that work is organized and prioritized, improving the way that teams collaborate and communicate, or introducing new tools or practices that will help the organization to be more effective.

The I&A Workshop is an important part of the SAFe framework, as it provides a regular opportunity for the organization to review its progress and make adjustments as needed to ensure that it is able to continue delivering value to the customer. By regularly reviewing and adapting its practices, the organization can continuously improve its ability to deliver value and respond to the changing needs of the customer.


Who Participates?

Ideally, everybody involved in building the solution. In the context of the ART, this includes the agile teams, the RTE, system and solution architects, etc. All are welcome to help identify backlog items.


And now for the answer...

C) A demo of the integrated system!


Go into more depth on the Scaled Agile Framework and its various events on a SAFe-certified course. Or, learn more about the Inspect & Adapt workshop specifically and download an overview here.


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