By Nader Talai • November 14, 2017

Visualise The Value Streams

Why worry about value streams?



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Value streams allow us to view our organisation through the customer perspective using the service delivery lens. The customer does not care about how within the organisation we fulfil their request.


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Failure to serve the customer in a timely manner leads to failure demand and forces our customers to find out how we deliver service and expedite their request through various service centres. This is neither smooth nor customer centric.

Visualise the value streams visualise.png

When we start to view our organisation with the value stream view point and see the services that are required within the organisation to fulfil the customer request, we can see the value flow. By ignoring the organisational structures and divisions we look at the request to fulfilment and ask what service is required to fulfil it, the value stream and workflow emerges. Once the Value Streams are defined we can look at the flow efficiency across the value streams and tackle the sources of delay and improve customer experience and service delivery.

Relentlessly tackling the sources of delay will lead to service aligned teams who are aligned to effectively deliver the customer value with a high degree of domain knowledge and customer insight. 


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