By Nader Talai • November 29, 2017

Stop project teams

Stop project teams

Projects have been the funding vehicle and still are for many organisations this model is based on taking people to work who come together and deliver the project and go back to the pool of available specialists.



 Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

This way of working has its origins in the division of labour based on the work of Adam Smith and Fredrick Winslow Taylor separating people who do the work from those who manage and coordinate the work.

The thinking behind this organisational model is based on control through

  • Functional division of labour
  • Compliance
  • Incentivising the individual
  • Economies of scale

Most of our management training is based on the work of Fredrick Taylor.

What we need is thinking and organisational structures and support functions (finance, HR) based on economies of flow with purpose and customer built at the centre based on the work of Edward Deming, Peter Drucker and Peter Senge.


Fund Value Value Streams

Value Streams are service aligned structures that include a number of teams with a common customer purpose and are mostly long lived and stable and are relentlessly optimised for flow efficiency.

Value Stream teams cut across organisational hierarchies and lead to a different organisational structures that are service aligned minimising hand-offs and dependencies leading to better and faster customer service with reduced failure demand.

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