By John Coleman • August 1, 2017

#less2017 Did you know you can do a Scrum test and a LeSS test at Less.works?

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Credit - https://www.flickr.com/photos/762_photo/

Did you know you and other LeSS enthusiasts can do a Scrum test and a LeSS test at https://Less.works ? It's so obvious you could miss it. See https://less.works/less/test/index.html.


The tests are tricky, there are a couple of nasty questions(or should I say meanly put) in there. 

A few differences to whet your appetite:

  • Team not Development Team
  • No sprint goal
  • Joint events
  • Stronger message on feature teams
  • Stronger message on technical excellence
  • Co-ordination strategy is “Just Talk” supported by some really simple idea like Traveller, Component Mentor, Communities, Communication through Code (trunk based development)
  • Stronger message on team co-location

 Click here to get your free Kanban Mapping


To find out more, check out the annual LeSS conference which is in London this year, on 13-14 Sep. See here for more details. It’s also an opportunity to show off your advanced knowledge from Karim’s Certified LeSS Practitioner course on 4th September.


Just looking for some help on LeSS? Check out Sullivan & Stanley, the hottest recruiter in London for agility, also sponsors of the LeSS conference. Their WhatsApp groups got so addictive, I had to admit myself as a phoneaholic and sadly drop off the groups. That’s a joke by the way, no one would take me in :).


For more hints see my lightbulbs moments post at http://www.valueglide.com/blog/50-light-bulb-moments-at-large-scale-scrum-practitioner-training.