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By Nader Talai • October 11, 2017

Five reasons why you may want to consider SAFe® for your organisation

Business agility requires the coordination and synchronisation across many teams aligned across the value stream. SAFe agile training provides a framework for enabling team of teams to align and deliver the organisation's strategy.

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Here are five reasons why you may want to consider SAFe  for your organisation

  1. You want to have an effective approach for coordinating and synchronizing work across a number of agile teams
  2. You want to have consistency of approach across the organisation with autonomy
  3. You do not want to roll your own framework and want to benefit from the learning from hundreds of implementations
  4. You want to benefit from the continual improvements that reflects the latest learning from continuous delivery, DevOps, lean finance, lean HR, lean start up and more
  5. You want to have enough guidance that enables your organisation


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