Can you walk us through the process from start to finish of the Quickstart ART Launch?

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The Evolutionary Leap: Quickstart ART Launch and Unveiling 6.0  

 Let's take a closer look at the transformative journey to version 6.0 and the essence behind every update the company embraces. πŸš€ 


Why the Shift to a New Version?  

Have you ever wondered about the heartbeat behind each of our version transitions? πŸ€” 

Well, creating a new version is non-trivial, as I always say.  

Advancing from versions 4 to 5 or even from 5 to 6 signifies more than just a number change. It epitomises our framework's hard work, dedication, and immense evolution. πŸ“ˆ  


The Evolution: Merging Experience with Agile Insights for Progress  

As Agile practitioners, we learn new things and understand that continued learning is gold. Our experiences and invaluable research prowess of Scaled Agile keep us in tune with emerging practices and the market's pulse. 🌱 

Are these refined insights valuable?  

A resounding – yes! 

Refined insights are meticulously distilled and condensed into the framework.  

Thus, this commitment to innovation and growth is precisely why we need an updated and more innovative version! 


Explicit Magic of 6.0  

 Version 6.0 is where the magic becomes evident. πŸš€ 

In our past frameworks, many elements hummed silently in the background. But with 6.0, they're taking centre stage!  

The framework has always been flow-centric, and now, it's broadcasted loud and clear with portfolio flow, ART flow, and team flow.  

This updated version makes these silent elements explicitly valuable and is undeniably the special touch of 6.0. 


Harmonising Value Streams in 6.0: A Symphony of Collaboration and Clarity 

 Moreover, in the agile realm, where value streams and flow have been sort of a buzzword, the new vision in 6.0 is crystal clear.  

The 6.0 version has extended horizons and deepened foundations. Remember, the collaborative spirit required to manage value streams is no one-person orchestra; instead, it's a harmonised ensemble of diverse competencies.  

As business owners strategically decide on what to home in on, our architects, product management, and RTE delve into how to streamline and enhance the flow.  

This synergy, where business and technology are one, is the heart and soul of 6.0. 


6.0: A Testament to Unity  

There's a poignant message Safe 6 wishes to deliver in all of this, which is it's not only a technology business. The 6.0 version includes the company's philosophy of integration, unity, and shared vision, which is the guiding light of 6.0. 🀝 


Let's Embark on this Journey Together!  

Our voyage from one version to another isn't just a parade of new elements; it's about refinement, continuous evolution, and nurturing a vibrant Agile ecosystem.  

If this narrative stirs a passion in you for Agile and Scrum, akin to the fire it ignites in me, I wholeheartedly invite you to dive deeper into my Agile and Scrum courses. πŸ”₯ 

Let's chart this evolving Agile universe together! 🌐 


Interested in learning more about the key roles of a Scrum Master in SAFe?

At Value Glidethrough the application of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework), we are able to offer agile consulting, agile coaching, and agile training specialists who work with organisations to align business objectives with customer needs and wants.

As deeply experienced agile coaches and practitioners, our team is invested in continuous learning through our training, coaching, and consulting services.

In a nutshell, empirical process control or empiricism.

If you are thinking of adopting agile within your organisation and have identified SAFe as a great agile framework to adopt, implement and improve your business agility, visit our SAFe Quickstart ART Launch program page or view our SAFe Consulting Services page.

If you have identified a need for an agile coach and SAFe coach to help your organisation adopt and implement SAFe, visit our SAFe Coaching Services page. We are committed to equipping organisations with the tools and knowledge to thrive in this ever-changing digital age, and achieve business agility through the Scaled Agile Framework.

Sounds good to you? Then sign-up today, and learn more about this transformation and revolutionary framework that is changing the game in the world of Agile. It is truly remarkable what can be done when we put our heads together and decide to work as one.

If you want to know more about SAFe and how to lead SAFe, visit our SAFE Training page for a host of options, from Leading SAFe to a SAFe Release Train Engineer course.

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