By Nader Talai • March 6, 2018

Are your actions coherent with your strategy?




Organisations that embark on the agility transformation need to get many things right, Coherent Action is one of the key elements that is very often missing.

Here are some of the recent examples from a number of organisation that have embarked on agility transformation with incoherent actions

Stated: Reducing staff overburdening and sustainable pace

Action: The transformation leader arrives in the office 07:00 to 07:40 and leaves around 20:00 except one day a week when he/she leaves early around 18:00.

Stated: Evidence based forecasting

Action: The date is promised, dictated without any evidence of delivery capability

Stated: Pull-based system of work

Action: Create themes and push multiple initiatives per theme, keep increasing the number of items in progress, when it gets too much create another theme and keep break the themes down into more swim lanes, so the number of items per swim lane is not scary.

Take a few minutes and think about if your actions are coherent with your strategy.



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