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It’s important to keep up with the most recent developments and trends, whether you're an Agile fan or work in an area where the Agile approach is becoming more common. Fortunately, there are many conferences available that can assist you in doing just that.

The Top Agile conferences for the upcoming year are listed below. This list offers events for everyone, whether you want to attend a meeting in person or watch it online. You won't want to miss out, so get your calendar set and note these dates down.


Agile Conferences: What are they?

Agile conferences are yearly gatherings of individuals that work in the software development industry and adhere to the Agile approach. The conferences offer a setting for debating novel concepts, exchanging best practices, and networking with other industry experts. Developers, project managers, consultants, and trainees are frequently present.

Workshops, breakout sessions, and keynote speeches are frequently on the conference agenda. Agile conferences commonly discuss how to increase productivity, Agile concepts and practices, and new software development technologies.

Agile conferences have increased significantly in recent years as more and more firms have embraced the technique. This expansion is evidence of the value of the Agile methodology for firms of all sizes.

Attending an Agile conference is an excellent method to learn about lean-agile ways of working and connect with other experts.


Agile Conferences are Open to Everyone.

Agile conferences can be pricey, but they're great for networking and learning about the latest industry trends. The price frequently prompts people to question whether attending one is worthwhile, but the simple answer is that everybody interested in Agile and business agility can get something from attending an Agile conference, although some roles will benefit more from the events.

First off, going to an Agile conference can be a great learning opportunity for current Agile practitioners. They will have the chance to socialize with like-minded people and gain knowledge of fresh innovations and trends in the industry. Additionally, they can receive advice on enhancing their agility and getting up to speed on best practices.

Secondly, Agile conferences are an excellent resource for anyone considering using the Agile approach in their company. Participants will better understand Agile and how it may help their organizations. Additionally, they will be able to network with Agile authorities and receive guidance on beginning their agile journey.

Attending an Agile conference can also benefit those without direct engagement with agility. For example, project managers and software developers can benefit greatly from learning how to apply the Agile technique to their work.

Finally, an Agile conference is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about the latest thinking and approaches.

Therefore, regardless of your level of agility expertise or exposure to agile, an Agile conference can provide practical information. If you're considering going, don't let the cost discourage you—it will unquestionably be worthwhile if you take action.


Why Attending Agile Conferences is Important

Attending Agile conferences is crucial for a variety of reasons. Here are a few examples:


Taking Advice from the Pros

Agile conferences allow attendees to pick the brains of some of the sector's top experts. There will be an opportunity for you to hear from thought leaders on the most recent trends and best practices, and you'll leave with fresh concepts you can use in your own company. Learn from those that have done it before and have already taken the time to test what works best.


Agile conferences are a great place to network with other experts dealing with similar challenges. The camaraderie will help you remain committed to your agility efforts and new friends can act as sounding boards.

Following the Most Recent Trends

Agile is constantly evolving, so it's critical to keep up with recent innovations. A great approach to staying up to date on the latest trends and being ready for whatever comes next is to attend an Agile conference. You'll discover how other organizations use agility in their work as well as about new technologies and strategies.

Progression in the Workplace

Attending an agile conference helps you with your professional development objectives. Attending conference sessions will allow you to expand your knowledge and gain continuing education credits. Keeping up with the latest advances and learning from others enhances your expertise and increases your employability.


Don't overlook the enjoyment that may be had at Agile conferences! While learning about the most recent advancements in the Agile community, you will get the chance to see new cities, sample new cuisine, and relax.

Therefore, whether you're a current practitioner or just interested in learning more about the Agile methodology, attending an Agile conference is a great investment. These gatherings provide something for everyone, and you'll undoubtedly leave with fresh insights and useful contacts.


A Curated List of Upcoming Agile Conferences:

There will be a lot of Agile conferences planned for 2023. Here is our pick. We’ve also provided a detailed schedule of upcoming activities, along with times and places. You can use this information to plan your travel itinerary and choose which conferences to attend.

Global Scrum Gathering 2023 - May 7-10 2023 - Portland

One of the biggest agile conferences globally, brought to you by Scrum Alliance.

SAFe Summit - May 16-17 2-23 - Czech Republic

Interested in Scaling agile? Attend the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) yearly summit.

Agile Testing Days - May 22-24 2023 - Chicago

For all things Agile testing!

Agile on the Beach - July 6-7 2023 - England

An intimate, small-scale event.

Agile 2023 - July 24-28 2023 - Orlando

One of the largest conferences on agile brought to you by Agile Alliance.

Lean Agile Scotland - 13-15 September 2023 - Edinburgh

Agile AND Lean!


What to Take Into Account When Selecting an Agile Conference

When choosing an agile conference to attend, there are several things to take into account. Identifying your conference attendance goals is the first step. Are you seeking to either network with other practitioners or learn about new agile methods? You can begin to limit your selections once you are aware of your goals.

Find a conference that offers a variety of educational sessions if learning is your main objective. To determine if the content is a suitable fit for you, look at the session descriptions and speaker biographies on the conference website.

Find a conference with lots of possibilities to meet other attendees if networking is your primary goal. Free-form networking occasions like luncheons and receptions can be excellent opportunities to meet new people.

Finally, before choosing a conference, think about your budget. Costs for conferences can vary greatly depending on the venue and duration. Before making your final choice, thoroughly review the conference website to obtain an accurate assessment of all costs.

You may find the ideal agile conference for your requirements by taking the time to think about all of these variables.


Speaking at an Agile Conference

This can be a fantastic opportunity to establish your name and connect with other practitioners if you're an expert in the area. There are a few things to consider if you want to present at an upcoming conference.

To start, look up the submission requirements and deadlines on the conference website. Since many conferences have stringent submission requirements, it's crucial to become familiar with the procedure before beginning.

Next, spend some time developing a compelling proposition. Your presentation topic, goals, and intended audience should all be described in your proposal. Include a brief bio and a rundown of your professional experience as well.

Finally, once your talk has been approved, don't forget to publicize it. On their websites and on social media, conference organizers advertise approved talks. However, you can also use your own network to spread the news.

You can improve your chances of getting your proposal accepted and leaving a lasting impression at the conference by paying attention to these pointers.



Agile conferences can be pricey, but the investment is frequently worthwhile for individuals who want to remain on top of developments in this sector that is moving so quickly. These gatherings give guests the chance to interact with other professionals who are also interested in Agile methodologies while hearing from knowledgeable presenters and learning more in-depth information about specific themes.

Although attending a conference may be beneficial, it's vital to keep in mind that learning takes place in many different forms. Reading, subscribing to podcasts, and watching old talks are all great ways to strive for Continous Improvement! Check out our blog for a host of free resources. Or, browse our agile training courses to go even deeper.

We hope you've enjoyed this guide and wish you well in your learning journey!

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