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Agile Consultants

& Coaches

Do You Want To Accelerate Your Agile Transformation?

Every high-performing team has a high-performing coach.

Transitioning to new ways of working requires practice guided by a coach. Our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants and coaches will guide you through your digital transformation and enable you to build teams that set and achieve their goals.

We will guide you throughout your journey and provide the support you need. Our coaches will enable you to:

  • Design your transformation
  • Establish lean portfolio management
  • Establish the lean-agile centre of excellence
  • Value stream and agile release train identification

We can also support you by providing:

  • Interim team coaches/ iteration managers, Product Owners, Release Train Engineers

Agile Consulting

Our highly skilled and experienced transformation coaches have successfully guided several organisations with their transformation. Focused on establishing your LACE, LPM and transformation approach.

  • Lean Agile Centre of Excellence model
  • Lean portfolio management
  • Strategic themes, OKRs with aligned work items
  • Communication approach
  • Visualise the portfolio flow
  • Measure the portfolio flow and act on delays
  • Identify the starting area and the ART


The Lean-Agile Center of Excellence, LACE, is a small cross-functional agile team that guides the organisation's transformation effort. 

  • Communication of the transformation and sharing the stories
  • Establish the measures and how to carry out the measurements consistently across the portfolio
  • Identify the training needs and organise the training
  • Support the launch of new Agile Release Trains

We will enable you to create the LACE charter, coach the team members and establish the measurement and visualisation. Design your outcome-based roadmap. Establish and nurture communities of practice, CoP and coach the coaches.


Creating clarity on the strategy through strategic themes or Objectives and Key Results, OKRs—collaboratively defining how to implement the strategy through the portfolio epics—moving from projects to products and funding value streams. Transitioning to SAFe portfolio management takes time and impacts the funding, teams and product management approach. Our lean portfolio coaches enable organisations to make this transition and guide you through this journey.


The Agile Release Train, ART, is the key to successful SAFe® implementation, predictably delivering customer-aligned objectives. Our ART coaches have decades of experience helping organisations with their agile transformation and will guide your ART in achieving a state of flow and relentless improvement.

  • Visualise the flow of features
  • Identify the sources of delay and tackle them
  • Facilitate PI planning
  • Execute PI
  • System demo
  • Facilitate Inspect & Adapt workshop
  • Facilitate ART synch
  • Coach the Release Train Engineer, RTE 


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