We founded Value Glide because we are passionate about helping organisations like yours accelerate their agility and grow faster.

We have helped large and small organisations with their business agility journey, with sustained results. Our approach is based on the principles of lean, agile, theory of constraint, complexity theory and tuned with practice. We value transparency and invest in continual learning, supporting and contributing to the community. 


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Nader Talai

Business Agility Consultant

Nader Talai is Business Agility Consultant at Value Glide, where he helps clients accelerate their business agility transformations and grow.

Nader started his agile journey in 2002 with extreme programming he continues to learn more about lean and agile methods and principles as well as systems thinking, the theory of constraints, complexity and other related topics.

Outside work, Nader is married and has a daughter and son. He is the organiser for the London Limited WIP Society and would like to get back to the gym!


John Coleman

Agility Transformability Guy

John is an agility transformability guy.  John helps clients attain continuous change-ability (over reliance on change initiatives), where the change is part of the normal work. 

John also provides training on Scrum, User Story Mapping, the Lean Startup, Kanban and synchronisation patterns. A trainer since 2014, a coach since 2004, and still a rescue dog on multi-million £/$/€ initiatives. John’s recent background is banking & payments systems; John previously worked in oil/gas, utility, insurance, mobile app, cable, retail, supply chain, manufacturing, telecoms. John’s agility work started with Scrum in 2004. John's talks at conferences get top ratings. John talks about an integrative approach to agility transformation, an approach that adapts to your context.


John lives in London with his partner Magda and has a son, two daughters, and a step-daughter.

Bram Schoots

Agile Transformation Coach

Bram is an agile transformation coach, his agile journey started in 2006 when he worked as a PM and found how silo-ed teams with fixed scope could work much better with scrum. He turned Scrum Master and now after running, setting up, and improving various scrum teams for almost a decade, Bram now focuses on larger corporate transformations, coaching and training, he works with both individual teams and larger portfolios in banking, finance, telecommunications, packaged goods industries and charities. 

Next to leading large agile transitions, Bram is also a Scrum and Kanban Trainer, he teaches people how to function well in an agile environment, while supporting, leading, and working in a scaled agile set up. 

Bram lives in London and Amsterdam and loves sailing and windsurfing.

Siamak Shams

Organisational Transformation Consultant

Siamak Shams is an Organisational Transformation Consultant at Value Glide, where he helps our clients with their Agile transformation journey through training and coaching.

Siamak's has a technical background with over 15 years active involvement in agile community.

Lokesh Kataria

Agile Coach

Lokesh specialises in large-scale agile adoptions and practice-based organisational change since 2009.  As an experienced agile coach, he has worked with many projects in various organisations to introduce iterative and agile practices.

Lokesh also provides training on Portfolio/Product Strategy, Value Stream/Program Planning, Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile (SAFe), Quality Assurance and DevOps. 

Lokesh lives in London and loves Yoga and meditation.