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Nader Talai

Business Agility Consultant

John Coleman

John Coleman

Agility Transformability Guy


Robert Moores

Programme Manager & Chair - PMI UK Agile CoP


Business Agility:


Digital Service Delivery
Value Stream Mapping
By: Nader Talai 

Agile Organisation:


Managing Flow


Does Size Matter?


Introduction To Toyota Kata Continual Improvement


By: Nader Talai




Lean Kanban UK Conference 2013
Agile Adoption at BUPA
Justin Askew I Capability Delivery Manager

Alicia Parkes

Alicia Parkes

Organisational Agility Practitioner

Siamak Shams PhD

Siamak Shams PhD

Organisational Agility Practititioner

Purposeful Change: Organisational transformation for business agility  

Agile In The City
Lean Kanban France 2015
By: Nader Talai & John Coleman


Agile Organisation


Introduction To Product Planning


Introduction To Product Planning - PMI Version


By: Alicia Parkes & Siamak Shams PhD



White Papers

Agile Implementations: Large-Scale Rollout

By: Robert Moores