Embedding Agility

What is agility?

Business agility requires a different mindset and way of working.

Agility definition

The ability to respond to market and operational demand, navigate uncertainty, invalidate hypothesis fast and with minimal investment and act on validated hypothesis.

Do you want to:

  • Build your faster economy capabilities
  • Learn faster and navigate uncertainty
  • Build a fit for purpose and resilient organisation
I had the pleasure of working with Nader at Sportingbet where he was instrumental in moving the company's development process to a leaner, more agile practice. 

Daniel Worthington-Bodart

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Why Value Glide?

We are the agility specialists. We promise commercially relevant expertise delivered by experienced practitioners who will help your organisation be fitter for the faster economy and achieve the business outcomes that achieve your objectives by making the way you deliver a little better everyday. Our engagements have the right blend of consultancy, training and coaching tailored to your specific situation and needs, 

You want better agility, we'd love to help you achieve it, faster.


The impact of our engagements

The impact of Value Glide engagements

Who we work with?

We have helped large and small organisations in private and public sector to reduce their time to market using lean and agile methods based on our integrative approach to suit the exact client needs.

We have a proven track record in helping organisations accelerate their agility transformation by enabling organisations to change the behaviour, mindset and the outcomes. We achieve this by supporting you through the people, process and technology change that is required at team, management and leadership levels.

We help clients accelerate their agility and grow.

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